Obsidian Outrider

Stealthily emerge from the shadows with the « Obsidian Outrider, » cloaked in mystery and ready for covert operations. This enigmatic figure is a specter in all black, from the hooded cloak that shrouds his intentions to the tactical combat knife that whispers of silent missions in the dead of night.

His piercing blue eyes are the only hint of color in a sea of darkness, gazing with resolve from beneath the hood. In his hands, he wields a futuristic crossbow, symbolizing precision and silent takedowns. The all-black attire speaks of a specialist operative, one who moves unseen and unheard, except by those who have already felt his presence.

The « Obsidian Outrider » is not just a mere action figure, but a vessel for storytelling that traverses the blurred lines between hero and antihero. Are you ready to unleash the silent guardian of the night into your world?

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